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Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) had an ambitious goal of providing 15,000 rooms in Los Angeles County. These rooms are to serve our most vulnerable unhoused individuals such as people over the age of 65 or those who had health conditions that would make Covid-19 more lethal qualify.  However, the goal of providing these rooms has yet to be met.  Less than one third of that goal has been met.  There is mounting pressure by US District Court Judge, David O. Carter to make more room available.  According to Judge Carter, this is not saving lives.  “Not one more person dead on my watch!”

Many of the chain hotels have refused to make rooms available because of the impact it would have on the hotel chain brand.  However, Activists have been putting pressure on Mayor Garcetti to use emergency powers to commandeer hotel rooms because people are literally dying on the streets.  A compromise is needed.

In comes Project Homekey  This allows the City and County to actually purchase and rehabilitate hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings and residential care facilities.  The Travelodge located at 21603 Devonshire Street is being acquired by the County.  This hotel is located in Council Member John Lee’s Council District 12.  The Travelodge is located in close proximity to the Chatsworth Transit Center.  Councilmember Lee  has provided an FAQ here.  He states, “Whether you agree with this proposal, I think we can all agree that truth matters and facts matter.”

In 2021 the Chatsworth Porter Ranch Chamber of Commerce’s website will host a Community Business Hotline.  Business owners will be able to report any non-emergency issues.  The Chamber will use this information to advocate for its business owners.  The Business Hotline will become available in 2021.

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